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Crafting Taste to Accelerate Systemic Change For KINDNESS

The KINDESS is to "Love Earth, Love Animals, Love Health" with borderless love which is like a mother's eternal love and care for her children

The KINDNESS is to "Love Earth, Love Animals, Love Health" with borderless love which is like a mother's eternal love and care for her children

Embrace Sustainability, Everyone makes Impact

DAMA is committed to sustainability, we make delicious food with love, hoping our delicacy can reconnect Earth, Human Being and Animals together. We take the following actions to contribute to sustainability and our earth.

Use Eco-friendly Paper Packaging

* Reduction of plastic waste * Lower carbon footprint * Encourages recycling

Use Plant-based Ingredients as Alternatives to Dairy Products

* Reduced carbon footprint * Lower water consumption * Reduced land use * Biodiversity protection * Healthier food options

Promote Community Involvement In Healthy Lifestyle

* Partner with different parties to create bigger impact in our planet * Encourage more people to have healthy and vegan lifestyle

Our Sustainable Allies

Our plant-based, high-quality vegan frozen desserts that caters the tastes from classic to exotic. We are building a sustainable future and crafting delicious vegan frozen desserts with our partners together

Uniting A Greener World

Our Vegan frozen desserts can transcend borders and cultures. As a global company, we strive to make sustainable and delicious frozen desserts accessible worldwide. Join our community of vegan dessert lovers and indulge in pleasure today.

Chasing our passion for plant-based perfection, one scoop at a time!

We are DreAMA, not a salted fish!

  • 2019 - Opened physical store at K11 MUSEA and launched the first vegan soft serve in HK, we received overwhelming response for this new product and subsequently launched pre-packed vegan frozen desserts
  • 2022 - Launched pre-packed vegan frozen desserts

Our Products

Join the plant-based revolution with our irresistible vegan frozen dessert
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Plant-based Vegan Frozen Dessert

• Reducing Demand for Animal Agriculture • No Animals Products • No Cruelty

Real, Natural & Premium Ingredients

• No Cholesterol • No Dairy Fat • Lower Calories

Our Brand Characters


Once upon a time, there have been 5 monsters living DAMA's head. DAMA's head is a green planet, and these monsters call themselves - DREAMAs






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